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feel good. look better.

They say the road to the gym is paved with good intentions. Do you rarely, if ever, get around to that much-needed weekly exercise? Do you have a gym membership, but can’t commit to a regular schedule? Are you not getting those hoped for results? Then you, too, need a personalized approach.

Studio Fit offers personal training and small group training (up to 3 people) in a private studio, coached by a professional personal trainer.

Fit equals healthy equals vibrant. But also handsome and toned. Which is exactly what Studio Fit will help you achieve: feel better, look better.

Studio Fit focuses on people like you and me; people who love life and love to live it well. People who also like to pay attention to their bodies, but need a little extra push.

With our weekly hour of functional training, with personal coaching tailored to who you are, you can be what you want to be: fit, feeling good, looking better.

It’s about you!


We start off with a one-on-one discussion and free test training: who are you, what are your goals? What do or don’t you enjoy? What are you good at? How do you feel, physically, conditionally? Every body has different needs. This calls for a customized program. Hence our personal approach.

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Our dedicated trainer is a 48 year old former rugby player and boxer from Argentina.

Over the years, he has specialized himself in functional strength conditioning, trx suspension training, coordination and balance, speed, explosive power, weight lifting and endurance.

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